Wine Glass / Tasting Glass - Stolzle Classic INAO 230ml - Set of 6

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Made of 100% lead free crystal, Stolzle glassware provides higher clarity and brilliance than glassware that contains lead. The smooth touch and delicate chime of Stolzle crystal glassware lets your customers know they are receiving the very best product and service possible. Certified for over 1000 dishwasher rinse cycles and specially tempered for high resistance to breakage.

The Classic series combines elegant design with a lighter hand-feel specially designed for wine enthusiasts and professionals. World class stemware for your dining room.

Designed with the perfect shape and volume for wine appreciation, Stolzle INAO certified wine tasting glass is an essential for wine tastings, wine appreciation classes and groups, and vineyards! The beautiful classic shape of this wine tasting glass is ideal for pouring the appropriate volume of wine with enough room to allow the wine to properly breathe. The egg shaped bowl allows the wine to be swirled without spilling. The 7.75 oz capacity provides enough space to properly circulate the wine and inhale the scent.

Made in Weißwasser, Germany

Capacity: 23cl/7.75oz
Height: 159mm
Ø: 63.5mm

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