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Promark 225mm Wood Marking Gauge
JOHNSON Drywall Square
ECLIPSE Trammel Head
STANLEY Tape Measure 10m x 32mmSTANLEY Tape Measure 10m x 32mm
STANLEY Level Extreme 1800mmSTANLEY Level Extreme 1800mm
STANLEY Level Builder 1200mm
STANLEY Chalk Line.
STANLEY Chalk Reel -30mSTANLEY Chalk Reel -30m
STANWAY String Line -80mm
TOLEDO Rule 300mm
TOLEDO Rule 300mm
$34.50 NZD
Measures - Oil Mix - Plastic   1-Litre
GENERAL Trammel Points
GENERAL Scriber 4
GENERAL Scriber 4
$24.80 NZD
Measures - Mini - Plastic Fjord  250 Ml
STANLEY Level Builder 900mm
STANLEY Level Extreme 900mmSTANLEY Level Extreme 900mm
STANLEY Combination Square 300mmSTANLEY Combination Square 300mm
Measures - Cylinder Fjord    100 Ml
Measures - Cylinder Fjord    250 Ml
OHNSON Combination SquareOHNSON Combination Square
STABILA Level 1200mmSTABILA Level 1200mm
STANLEY Combination Square.STANLEY Combination Square.
ZIRCON Metal Detector Rubber ScannerZIRCON Metal Detector Rubber Scanner
STABILA Level 800mmSTABILA Level 800mm
Aluminium Level - 900mm Magnetic 14628 Truper
Pocket Spring Scale - Pretul (100kg)
FISCO Tape Measure 50mm
FISCO Folding Rule White 18mm
FISCO Tape Measure 30mFISCO Tape Measure 30m
STANLEY Level Extreme 600mmSTANLEY Level Extreme 600mm
KESON INDUSTRIES Chalk Refill 228g
STANWAY String Line-80mm Pink
STANWAY String Line -80mm Yellow
ZIRCON Stud Finder i65ZIRCON Stud Finder i65
STANLEY Quick Square
Thermometer On Wall - Plate (90cm)
Measuring Tape - Wooden
Rapid Tacker R14e 0393460
Tape Measure - Flouro Rubber Grip 5m (Set Of 3)
Measure Tape - Cloth 2cm X 3m (4 Units)
MISC Marking Chalk Pink 48pk
Oil Measure - Tin    1 Litre
MISC Marking Pen BlackMISC Marking Pen Black