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Table Lamp Crackle - Stone
LED Bulb for Turkish Mosaic Lamp
Salt Lamp with Tealight Candle
Salt Rocks in Glass Bowl Metal Frame
Salt Lamp 12-15kg Brown Wood Base
Salt Lamps 8-12kg Brown Wood
Salt Lamp 2-3kg Brown Wood Base
Table Lamp - Triceratops (37cm)Table Lamp - Triceratops (37cm)
Table Lamp - Pretty Unicorn (23.8cm)Table Lamp - Pretty Unicorn (23.8cm)
Table Lamp - Stegosaurus (38.5cm)Table Lamp - Stegosaurus (38.5cm)
Table Lamp - Brachiosaurus (36.3cm)Table Lamp - Brachiosaurus (36.3cm)
Table Lamp - Blue Combi (20.8cm)Table Lamp - Blue Combi (20.8cm)
Table Lamp - Princess Castle (24.5cm)Table Lamp - Princess Castle (24.5cm)
Table Lamp - Unicorn (19cm)Table Lamp - Unicorn (19cm)
Metallic Magma Motion Lamp - 410mm (Gold)Metallic Magma Motion Lamp - 410mm (Gold)
Peace Metallic Motion Lamp - 410mm (Blue)
Metallic Motion Lamp - 410mm (Silver)Metallic Motion Lamp - 410mm (Silver)
Motion Lamp - Rainbow (410mm)Motion Lamp - Rainbow (410mm)
Glitter Lamp - Rainbow (410mm)
Metallic Motion Lamp - Pink (410mm)Metallic Motion Lamp - Pink (410mm)
Metallic Motion Lamp - Blue (410mm)Metallic Motion Lamp - Blue (410mm)
Lamp - Aztec with Linen Shade - Cream
Table Lamp - Mecca (74cm)
Table Lamp Antique Bronze/Cream - 73cm
Lamp Table - Industrial Look - 60cm