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Whimzees Veggie Sausage M Single
Whimzees Stix M Single
Whimzees Stix L Single (Bulk Box 50)
Whimzees Veggie Sausage S Single
Whimzees Stix S Single
Whimzees Alligator S Single
Whimzees Hedgehog L Single
Whimzees Alligator L Single
Dog Treat - OMH Bitz Assorted Flavors 227g
Dog Chews - PAW Osteocare (500g)
Dog Chew Knuckle Bone - Dura (Small)
TireBiter II with rope MEzyDog
Deer Antler Loose - Lge
Deer Antler Loose - MEzyDog
Deer Heart 90g
Deer Antler Loose - Sml
Dog Food - IOD Nourish Beef Dog 223g
Dog Treat - Whimzees Veggie Ear Single
Dog Food - Meat Sticks 15cm  Bulk 50
Dog Treats - Chicken Necks - NZ Natural
Dog Treat - Rawhide Pressed Cigar