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GRIP-ON 240mm Groovy Grip Locking PlierGRIP-ON 240mm Groovy Grip Locking Plier
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CHANNELLOCK Linesman Plier with Bottle Opener SetCHANNELLOCK Linesman Plier with Bottle Opener Set
CHANNELLOCK 255mm Fence ToolCHANNELLOCK 255mm Fence Tool
CHANNELLOCK 395mm Oil Filter/PVC PlierCHANNELLOCK 395mm Oil Filter/PVC Plier
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CHANNELLOCK 240mm Crimping PlierCHANNELLOCK 240mm Crimping Plier
Teng MB 7in/180mm Flush -Cut Pliers
Stronghand Pipe Plier Regular V-Pads
Teng MB 6in/150mm Flush -Cut Pliers
Teng MB 6in TPR Long Nose Plier
Teng 9in Long Nose Power Grip Plier
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CHANNELLOCK 180mm Diagonal Cutting PlierCHANNELLOCK 180mm Diagonal Cutting Plier
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GRIP-ON 255mm Omnium Grip Locking PlierGRIP-ON 255mm Omnium Grip Locking Plier
DRAPER Locking Pliers
Tactix Pliers Diagonal 8in/200mm
HIT (3-Jaw) Gear Puller - 150mm
Teng 7in Power Grip Plier Curved Jaw
Teng 320mm T-Slot Clamp Locking Plier
Teng MB 8in End Cutting Plier
Teng MB 8in H/Duty Linesman Plier
KNIPEX 180mm End Cutting NipperKNIPEX 180mm End Cutting Nipper
Teng 6in Wire Twisting Pliers
Teng 6in Long Nose Power Grip Plier
DRAPER 175mm Carpenter Pincer
Lock Grip Pliers - Allied    #90541  10"
Locking Plier Set 2-Pce Allied
Plier - Groove Joint 12" #90538
Plier - Long Nose 8" #90527
GRIP-ON 175mm Long Nose Locking PlierGRIP-ON 175mm Long Nose Locking Plier
GRIP-ON 470mm C-Clamp with Swivel PadsGRIP-ON 470mm C-Clamp with Swivel Pads