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Teng 9in Long Nose Power Grip Plier
Teng MB 8in H/Duty Side Cutter
Teng MB 7in H/Duty Side Cutter
Teng MB 6in Side Cutter
Teng MB 8in TPR Long Nose Plier
Teng MB 5in/125mm Flush -Cut Pliers
HIT Gear Puller 150mm
FULLER Fencing Pliers 250mm
GRIPON Locking Pliers - 2GRIPON Locking Pliers - 2
GRIPON Locking Pliers 3.GRIPON Locking Pliers 3.
Teng 6in C-Clamp Locking Plier (NP) w/Swivel Pad
Teng 7in Power Grip Plier Curved Jaw
Teng MB 5in Side Cutter
Teng MB 10in Water Pump Plier
FULLER Tack Puller 150mm
CHANNELLOCK Tongue and Groove Pliers --318mm
Long Nose Pliers - 200mm Truper
Diagonal Pliers - Truper (175mm)
KNIPEX Cobra Pliers 180mm
CHANNELLOCK Cable Cutting Pliers - 240mm
CHANNELLOCK Tongue and Groove Pliers 300mm
FULLER Long Nose Pliers 200mmFULLER Long Nose Pliers 200mm
Plier - Long Nose 8" #90527
Lock Grip Pliers - Allied Long Nose#90542  6"
Tactix Wire Stripper Automatic
Lock Grip Pliers - Allied    #90540  7"
Battery Pliers Groove Joint Fuller 16" No. 117
STANLEY Long Nose Pliers 200mmSTANLEY Long Nose Pliers 200mm
Diagonal Pliers Fuller   6" No. 190
Long Nose Pliers Fuller  6" No. 192
Diagonal Pliers Fuller   7" No. 190
Combination Pliers Fuller    8" No. 194
Plier Set "Mini"3 Pce  Clam Pack   125mm
CHANNELLOCK Long Nose Pliers 203mm
CHANNELLOCK Long Nose Pliers 150mm
Pliers - 6" (Set of 12)
Nipper Pliers - 6" (Set of 12)
GRIPON Locking Pliers - 265mm
Fencing Plier 250mm 935409 AgBoss
Electrician Pliers 200mm  1000 Volt Truper
End Cutting Nippers 200mm TruperEnd Cutting Nippers 200mm Truper
Combination Linesman Pliers 200mm Truper
Teng MB 7in Water Pump Plier