Thermal Polypropylene Pants - Adults

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$45.10 NZD


This price is for an adult polypropylene thermal pants in black.
Premium quality made in NZ

Polypropylene makes these adult thermals extremely warm.
Its "Wickability" draws moisture and perspiration away from the skin transferring it to the next layer, retaining a warm layer of air next to the skin.
The low thermal conductivity means better insulation keeping you warmer for longer periods.
Because polypropylene is moisture repellent, a wet garment dries quickly.
These polypropylene thermals are extremely lightweight. Polypropylene is only 70% of the weight of an equivalent wool garment.

Sizes available:
S (Chest 86-92cm) (Height 150-158cm)
M (Chest 92-98cm) (Height 158-166cm)
L (Chest 98-104cm) (Height 166-174cm)
XL(Chest 104-110cm)(Height 174-182cm)
3XL(Chest116-122cm)(Height 185-190cm)

Colour: Black

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