Sunbeam Food Dehydrator DT5600

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Preparing dried foods at home is easywith the Sunbeam Food Dehydrator. It allows you to naturally dry a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs, without added preservatives. Create your own healthy snacks at home - from fruit rolls and muesli bars to dried fruits and meats.

Dries fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers
Healthy way to make nutritious snacks
5 large drying racks
3 heat settings
Easy to use
Bonus fruit roll tray included
Additional racks and trays available

Weight (kgs) 2.40
Length (mm) 218
Height (mm) 339
Width (mm) 338

*switch setting ONE - 100W (temperature 40C)
*switch setting TWO - 200W (temperature 46C)
*switch setting THREE - 390W (temperature 76C)

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