Steak Knife Block - Andre Verdier Laguiole Debutant - Set of 6 - Red

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Laguiole cutlery is like no other. It is breathtakingly beautiful, delightful to use and exquisitely crafted by hand. Each piece represents the pinnacle of workmanship that sets Laguiole cutlery apart from all others.

The Debutante Range by esteemed Laguiole cutler Andre Verdier reveals something majestic to you at the first glimpse. Each piece is masterfully crafted from stainless steel & finished sumptuously with stainless steel bolsters, five-rivet handles, and the traditional Laguiole Napoleon bee. Full tang construction ensures expert balance and superior durability, while modern resin handles make them maintenance-free.

Steak Knife Set features:

Crafted by hand in Laguiole, France.
Handles made from coloured resin.
Tines made from top-quality stainless steel.
Features the trademark Laguiole Bee on each handle.
Presented in a wooden canteen.
Dishwasher safe.
6 x 23cm Steak Knives.

Andre Verdier Laguioles Debutant 6 Piece Knife Block
• 100% made in France
• Made from stainless steel with handles made from coloured resin
• Features the trademark Laguiole Bee on handle
• Dishwasher safe

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