Spell & Count Magnetic Play Board (Stephen Joseph)

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There’s nothing quite like the first time your little one spells their name, so make sure they do it in style with a Stephen Joseph Spell & Count Magnetic Play Board. It’s a fantastic and fun way for them to learn their ABCs, 123s and then full words and sums too. Each letter, number and symbol is a magnet that sticks to the lid of the case, so whether you’re teaching them C A T or T Y R A N N O S A U R U S, just let them pop the magnets up and see what wonderful words, they create.

Make learning F U N
Over 120 letters, numbers and symbols
Portable magnetic storage box
Letters approx. 1.5'' x 1.5''
Box approx. 11'' x 9'' x 1.25''
Recommended for children ages 3+

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