Slim Power Bank With Travel Case (4000mAh)

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Slim 4000mAh power bank with a smart aluminium finish that is ideal for charging mobile phones, tablets, cameras, GPS, Bluetooth speakers and headphones etc.

The slim rectangular profile is ideal for sliding into a pocket along side a phone while it is being charged. Will charge a smart phone twice and 50% charge a tablet but as all electronic devices differ this is an approximate indication of its performance only.

The Pulse Power Bank also features a flashlight and is easily recharged from any USB port or a mains adapter. Recharging time is 5-6 hours and the Lithium Ion battery can be recharged over 500 times. Supplied with a micro USB cable and comprehensive instructions in a black EVA carry case.

Colours Available:
Anodised Silver and Anodised Black.

Power Bank: L 104 mm x W 57 mm x 9 mm.
Carry Case: L 122 mm x 89 mm x 45 mm.

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