Serving Tray - Trenton Black Non Slip Tray 35cm

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Make it easier for cocktail servers to serve the beverages that guests have ordered. It will be easier for servers to deliver more drinks at a time if they are able to carry a tray. The surface of the tray is nonslip, making it easier for drinks to stay where they have been put.

Two sizes are available:

- 35 cm diameter

- 40 cm diameter

These round plastic bar trays are durable and made of strong plastic. They are dishwasher safe, making it easy to keep them clean between shifts. They are economical because they have been built to last.

The combination of the raised lip and the nonslip surface makes it easy for these black trays to be carried by anyone. Servers, bartenders, and cocktail servers will enjoy using these because they will be able to bring more drinks from the bar to the paying customers – and back into the kitchen or bar for cleaning.

In addition to glassware, various sized plates can be used on them as well. This makes it possible to utilize these within a restaurant as well as a bar. They can also be used by room service, juice bars, and other establishments.

Trenton International Hotel & Restaurant Supplies is an Australian based, family owned company. Their team is committed to bringing the best in cutlery, crockery, kitchenware, bar, counter and related table service items to you. They are proud to announce partnerships with Bauscher, Luzerne, Lava Cast Iron and Kenny Mack Designs and are adding many new items to their current popular brands: Zuma, Bevande, Moda by Trenton, Ryner Glass and Athena.

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