Scanpan Classic 10.25" Stack 'N' Steam Inser

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The Scanpan Stack 'N' Steam is designed for all 10-1/4-inch Scanpan pots and saute pans, as well as for other pots and pans of the same size. No other steamer is as versatile as Stack N Steam. Individual steamer units can be stacked to form multiple steamer compartments or use a single unit for large amounts of food and leafy vegetables. Serving food is effortless! Each steamer has a platform which lifts out from the frame so food easily slides from the steamer platform onto the serving dish. Lid not included. Accommodates lids from 10-1/4-inch pans.

A steamer insert is must-have accessory for Scanpan non-stick cookware. The Stack N Steam insert helps you to lock in the flavor and nutrients of food. A special pasta insert makes it easy to add carbs to your diet. These inserts are made to fit nonstick Scanpan cookware.

Made in Denmark.

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