Scales - Jadever Crane Scale JLT-600 600kg

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Model: JLT-600
Capacity (kg): 600
Division (kg): 0.2
Net weight (kg): 12.0
Display: 5 Digits, 25mm digit height, with red backlit LED display
Power Supply: 6V/10Ah Rechargeable battery or 12V/1A via main adaptor
Operating Temp: -25°C ~ +55°C
Certification: CE

• Special design, quick to show exact weight
• 360° freely swivelling hook
• Extra bright red LED display, easy to read
• Battery life: 150 hours
• Recharging time: 8 hours
• Overload safety: 200% of rated capacity
• Ultimate overload: 400% of rated capacity
• Auto calibration
• Wireless remote controller included
• With HOLD / Tare / ZERO function
• Two selectable resolutions for each model
• Optional: heat insulation board, AC-01N handheld RF indicator and RS-232 interface
• Rugged and reliable construction, suitable for all kinds of heavy-duty measurements

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