Retractable Powder Brush - Artiste (by Manicure)

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Retractable Powder
Used for: Sweeping powders on the
cheeks, chin and forehead while on the
go. For more concentration of colour
such as eye shadows or bronzers, bring
the shaft up exposing Âľ of the bristles.
Why it works: Its compact, portable,
lightweight and retracts into a sleek
handle for easy storage. When closed,
its natural bristles are fully enclosed to
avoid any in-transit damage.
How to use it: Open: Pull off lid and
slide shaft down. Close: Slide out
retractable shaft until bristles are
completely covered and then fit the lid.
Bristle type: Goat

Artiste Brush Collection
The only professional make-up tools designed with make-up artists in mind.Every make-up artist knows the importance of brushes.
Brushes are just as important as the make-up itself and it’s easy with the right tools on hand.The Artiste make-up brush collection is the ultimate in luxury,
durability and craftsmanship, all designed for a particular use.Anybody from beginners to the professionals can achieve a look with minimum fuss.

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