Pentel Ain Stein Leads 2b 0.7mm Tube/40 Bx12 -12 units

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Pentel Ain Stein Leads 2b 0.7mm Tube/40 Bx12
Pirce is for: 12 units
Durable Mechanical Pencil Leads from Japanese stationary brand, Pentel. Featuring a new honey comb structure design making the leads super strong. Supplied in a convenient new swivel top tube for ease of use.
0.5mm and 0.7mm tube of 40 leads
New and improved ű Internal honey comb structure that holds the lead f
Supplied in a new convenient swivel-top tube
Suitable for automatic pencils
Available in B, 2B, HB, H and 2H
Tube is made from 92% recycled material (excludes refill leads)
Sold in a box 12

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