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Product Description

Chef'n's mandoline is unique in its safety-minded design and removes the fear factor associated with mandolin use. Instead of moving the safety guard back and forth over an exposed blade, you pull and push the entire cutting unit instead. It's simple and safe. While one hand is on the safety guard, the other is holding the handle of the mandolin, fingers are kept away from the blade. The solid base with rubber feet for extra grip keep the Pull'n slice stable as it cuts. Designed for versatility and safety, the Pull'n slice is equipped with four thickness settings as well as straight, French fry, and julienne blades to produce a variety of popular cuts.
The collapsible hand guard allows you to get the most out of every fruit or vegetable.

Additional details include: an easy to see and use locking mechanism; a clip on cartridge for the extra blade for easy, visible storage; finger notches to make blade changes safer; and easy to read thickness settings with blade colors.

The Pull'n slice is compact for easy storage.
Hand washing is recommended to maintain the sharp blade edges on this product.
As always, it is a great idea to use cut gloves when handling sharp blades or glass. You will find them here for sale at in 2 types stretchy and sized.

Product Features:

Safety-minded mandolin removes the fear associated with mandolins
Pull'n Slice has four thickness settings and includes straight v-blade, french fry and julienne blades
Easy to read slicing settings; creates uniform slices every time
Extra blade cartridge clips on for easy, visible storage
Use protective hand guard to keep fingers away from blade at all times

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