Heat Pad for Home Brewing

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During the cooler temperatures the best piece of equipment to own is a Heater Pad. It is a square electronic pad that you place underneath your fermenter. It produces an even constant temperature throughout your fermenter as the heat rises up.
Designed specifically to keep your fermentations cozy and warm.
Will keep a fermentation going without over-heating the yeast.
Provides a low, gentle heat that is even all across the pad. No hot spots.
Will heat a must or wort by 10 to 20 degrees F.
Rise in temperature will depend on batch size and room temperature.
Effective in rooms as cool as 55 degrees F. and above.
Works equally well with both plastic and glass fermenters
Inexpensive to run. Only draws 25 watts of electricity.
The heating pad is 12-1/2" square and will raise the fermenter by 1/2".
Molded in high quality, flame retardant plastic.

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