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Looking for a better way to handle your citrus? The CitrusPod is the worlds first-ever 3 in 1 citrus station. You can Slice, Squeeze, and Store your citrus garnishes with this one station. The top of the CitrusPod works as a Squeezable silicone top; that will remove all the pulp and seeds while your juicing. Don't worry about buying an extra cutting board, because the base of the CitrusPod is the perfect size cutting board for your citrus. After you have Sliced and Squeezed all that you need, close the remaining citrus in the CitrusPod and store in the fridge for the next time you need it. The CitrusPod is top rack dishwasher safe, and made with FDA/EU food safe PE/silicone.

Three-in-one citrus station; use to slice, squeeze and store
Squeezable silicone for easy juicing; pulp and seed free filters
Built in cutting surface
Keeps sliced lemons and limes fresh in the fridge
No more sticky hands

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