Food Warmer - Pyrolux White (2L)

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Keep your food warm while on the go with Pyrolux Food Warmer. Perfect for your everyday use, this practical food container allows you to keep food hot or cold for longer hours. Thanks to its insulated, lockable, airtight lid, rest assured your meals won't easily spill or leak out. Ideal for busy workers, travelers, high schoolers or campers to carry hot food with them.

Stainless steel interior to keep your food warm longer and fresh.

Lockable and airtight lid to keep your food staying fresh.

Double wall construction to keep your hot food hot or cold for longer hours.

Food safe .

Easy to wash .

Includes two side handles for easy and safe carrying.

Colour: White

Measures: 16cm x 8.5cm

Capacity: 2L

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