Double Eco-Guard Mattress Protector

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EcoGuard Protectors are made with natural bamboo viscose, making them a softer and more comfortable bedding surface than their traditional counterpart. The fibres of the bamboo offer stronger protection for bedding than just cotton alone, and they release a natural anti-bacterial agent, helping to create a healthy sleeping environment. Featuring a bamboo viscose/cotton terry surface, the protectors are breathable, lightweight, waterproof, absorbent, machine washable and fast drying. They are ideal for incontinence and bed wetting and act as a deterrent against dust mites and the allergens they produce. EcoGuard is also safe to use over electric blankets and easily fits over a mattress, with normal bed linen then used on top.
Composition: Bamboo Viscose/Polyester
Size Information: Single: 92 x 190 x 38 cm ,King Single: 107 x 204 x 38 cm ,Extra-Long Single: 92 x 204 x 38 cm ,Double: 138 x 190 x 38 cm ,Queen: 152 x 204 x 38 cm ,King: 182 x 204 x 38 cm ,Cot: 68 x 130 x 15 cm ,

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