Dog Car Safety Harness - XS

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Trixie - Friends On Tour • Car Safety Harness • Can also be used for leading harness • Protects you and your dog against injury in an accident or when braking • Prevents your dog from jumping out of an open window or door • Special padding and fully adjustable in chest and stomach area • Fast and easy to put on • With fully adjustable short lead • Short lead not suitable with Ford and Volvo • Made of robust, soft nylon fabric •

XS: 20 - 50cm (Yorkshire Terrier)


Size: XS
Measurements: 20-50 cm
for e.g.: Yorkshire Terrier

Size: S
Measurements: 30-60 cm
for e.g.: West Highland Terrier

Size: M
Measurements: 50-70 cm
for e.g.: Border Collie

Size: L
Measurements: 70-90 cm
for e.g.: Labrador Retriever

Size: XL
Measurements: 80-110 cm
for e.g.: Bernese Mountain Dog

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