Casserole - Pyrolux Pyrocast (26cm/4.7L)

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?Ideal for your everyday cooking and frying, the Pyrolux Pyrocast Casserole pot delivers excellent cooking results in your kitchen. Constructed from pre-seasoned heavy duty cast iron material with excellent heat retention properties allowing you to cook evenly and quickly. Additionally, its also suitable to cook on all hobs including induction and on campfires too. After use, rinse with warm or hot water, pat dry and add a thin layer of oil to keep it from rusting easily and well-seasoned.


Made from pre-seasoned heavy duty cast iron.

Retains heat at high cooking temperature.

Ideal to cook casserole, stews, soups and stocks.

Durable and solid.

Suitable on gas, electric, ceramic, grill, induction and campfires.

Ergonomic handles.

Ideal for home cooks, restaurants or outdoor camping.

Gift boxed ready for gifting.

Measures: 26cm
Capacity: 4.7L

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