Benriner No 5 Turning Slicer 4mm Horizontal

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Used by chefs and raw food enthusiasts around the world. The Benriner Turning Slicer prepares delicate angel hair garnish from hard vegetables and it spiral slices all hard fruit and vegetables into a variety of shapes for healthier meals that look and taste great! The precision engineered razor sharp stainlass steel blades will withstand heavy duty use which makes this turning slicer a popular choice with creative chefs throughout the world.

Makes 1mm angel hair noodles, 2.5mm or 4mm flat noodle shapes and spiral slices from firm fleshed fruit and vegetables
3 replaceable interchangeable Japanese engineered heavy duty stainless steel blades
Great for Chefs, raw fooders and all creative cooks
The 1mm serrated blade makes perfect angel hair pasta shapes from hard vegetables to add texture and finesse to your recipes.
For softer vegetables like Courgette the 3mm blade will create perfect raw pasta or rosti potato.
Cucumber will make delicate ribbons with the larger 5mm blade.
Remove the serrated blade and you can use the Benriner to make wafer thin spiral shapes.

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