Baby Wetsuit - Konfidence Babywarma - Nautical (12-24 Months)

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Baby Wetsuit - Konfidence Babywarma - Nautical (12-24 Months)

Made from a flexible 2mm-thick soft neoprene, our Babywarma™ baby wetsuits enable babies aged 0-24 months to stay warmer in the swimming pool for much longer than would be possible without it. The neoprene also provides additional grip for parents when carrying baby around poolside/changing rooms as compared to bare skin. When worn outdoors it is also 100% UV protective.

The suit features clever design techniques that ensure a snug, “huggable” fit for maximum safety, comfort and performance. It also includes a hidden flap design featuring generously sized, soft and ‘snag-proof’ hook & loop fastener fasteners, which make the suit more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for baby.

The Babywarma™ baby wetsuit opens completely flat for easy fitting and features a bottom flap that opens independently to allow quick nappy changes without removing the entire suit

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