Artist Pastels - Neopastel Cinnamon (Set of 3)

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This price is for 3 x Artist Pastels in the following colour: Neopastel Cinnamon

NEOPASTEL® colours promise to fulfil the need for spontaneity and freedom of every pastel artist, whether budding or professional. A high quality manufacturing process ensures softness on application. Applications : Velvety, luminous oil pastels with a high pigment concentration and covering texture allow you to apply large quantities of opaque and coloured material, in strokes or as blocks of colour, blended, in washes, in batik, stencil or sgraffito. The form and colour of the medium will determine the final look of the work. Can be used on almost any support (tinted paper, tracing paper or smooth paper, canvas, wood, glass, leather) as well as on dry undercoats such as ink, acrylic, water-based and oil-based paints. Technical description : Type : Ultra-high quality oil pastel Water-resistant, soft and velvety texture does not crumble and can be dissolved in white spirit. Highly concentrated pigment, superior covering power, luminous colours and excellent light resistance. ASTM D4236 compliant Techniques : unlimited blending, shading, templates, for impregnating and shading, " fingerwork ", on numerous media (paper, cardboard, canvas, etc.). Developed and manufactured in Switzerland.
*The photo is for illustration purposes only, you will only receive 3 pastels in the colour listed

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