Airbrush Mega Powder/Bronzer Brush - Artiste (by Manicure)

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Artiste A01 Airbrush Mega Powder/Bronzer Brush is a brush with ultra dense bristles and a rounded head to blend powder or bronzer. Each bristle draws together instead of spreading out to give a more precise and streak-free application. The brush features a rose gold ferrule and soft touch handle.

Artiste Brush Collection
The only professional make-up tools designed with make-up artists in mind.Every make-up artist knows the importance of brushes.
Brushes are just as important as the make-up itself and it’s easy with the right tools on hand.The Artiste make-up brush collection is the ultimate in luxury,
durability and craftsmanship, all designed for a particular use.Anybody from beginners to the professionals can achieve a look with minimum fuss.

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