1:72 Avro Shackleton MR2 - Airfix Kitset

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The MR.2 Shackleton was introduced in 1953 bringing with it a very different nose position to the MR.1; It housed two 20mm cannons, with an additional two in a Dorset turret. Combined with its load of torpedoes or depth chargers the Shackleton in this state was relatively heavily armed for a maritime patrol aircraft. Other uses for the Shackleton was as a colonial policing machine (replacing the Lincoln in this role) as well as monitoring the oceans for drug and arms smugglers, enforcing UN embargos and Air Sea Rescue Work; a role the aircraft performed admirably throughout its service. Although the AEW.2 version remained in service until 1991, the MR.2 was phased out in favour of the Nimrod in the 1970s.
Dimensions: L388 X W508 .
Skill Level: 3.
Nbr of Parts: 269.
Age: 5+ years.
Part of the Airfix Kitset Collection.

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