Avanti Twin Peaks Ice Blocks 4p Set Blue

SKU: PR561912



Have you ever felt like having a cold treat on a hot summer day and you can't find any at home? With the Avanti Twin Peaks Ice Blocks 4 Piece Pack, you will always have your favourite flavored popsicle at the ready. This particular set has caps with stick and handle included so it is incredibly simple to make your own homemade popsicle. Just add any of your favourite drinks (milk, juice, yogurts, cola or even cocktails!) into the spaceship-shaped tube and wait for them to freeze. The Avanti Twin Peaks Ice Blocks 4 Piece Set - Blue is dishwasher safe so when you're done using it, just chuck it into the dishwasher and you're ready for another round of popsicle making!

Set includes four twin-peak ice moulds with a tray holder made of BPA-free, sturdy plastic
Each handle comes with a nifty drip catcher to prevent melted juices from running down your arm
Wipe opening lets you fill each mould easily with milk, juice, cola, or cocktails
Mould tray lets you take out one ice pop or frozen treat at a time
Perfect for making healthier summer treats, fruit juice popsicles, and frozen yoghurt without preservatives

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