Tinkerbell Party Decorating Kit

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Hang around with your favorite fairies! Our Tinker Bell Scene Setters include a giant 5-piece set measuring over 6ft tall.

Featuring Tinker Bell, Rosetta, Fawn, Silver Mist and Iridessa against a colorful background filled with pixie dust and flowers, the top banner has a purple "Happy Birthday" message against lime green.

Use these lightweight vinyl Scene Setters as a background for taking pictures at your Tinker Bell theme party! Easy to hang, reusable and good for indoor/outdoor use.

Tinker Bell Scene Setters contain:
2 Pieces, 32 1/2in x 59in
1 Piece, 44 1/2in x 16in
2 Pieces, 10 1/4in x 16in

All items come in the original retail packaging

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