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The OXO good grips chopped salad scissors are the perfect companion for chopping and tossing homemade salads. The sharp, micro-serrated, stainless steel blades easily chop salad ingredients, and the rounded blades mean you can chop right in the bowl without scratching your bowl. The wide, curved blades of the chopped salad scissors provide a wide surface when closed, optimized for tossing ingredients once you chop them. The spring-loaded handle features a soft, non-slip grip for comfortable, continuous use, whether you're making a light snack or a big salad to serve. The locking tab snaps into the handle and out of the way while the chopped salad scissors are in use, and keeps the blades closed for safe storage.
Sharp, micro-serrated, stainless steel blades easily chop salad ingredients
Wide, curved blades optimized for efficient chopping and tossing
Spring-Loaded, soft-grip handle for comfortable, continuous use
Ideal for chopping and tossing directly in bowls
Locking tab snaps into handle while in use and keeps blades closed for safe storage

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