Red Wine Glasses - Stolzle Ultra 450ml Box of Six

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Made of 100% lead free crystal, Stolzle glassware provides higher clarity and brilliance than glassware that contains lead. The smooth touch and delicate chime of Stolzle crystal glassware lets your customers know they are receiving the very best product and service possible. Certified for over 1000 dishwasher rinse cycles and specially tempered for high resistance to breakage.

To improve the functionality of the Ultra line, the stem length was deliberately reduced. The result is improved performance in the dishwasher with easier handling due to the lowered center of gravity and uncomplicated storage. The bowl proportions are unaltered to maintain the distinctive performance of Stolzle wine glasses. This line is predestined for use at banquets, catering and outdoor gastronomy. Ultra is a concise range of key sizes for the professional sector.

From the delicate raspberry flavors of Beaujolais Nouveaux to the jammy dark fruit and spice of California Zinfandel, red wines need to show off their balance of tannin, fruit and aroma. Red wine tasting glasses offer the large bowl and narrowed rim necessary to aerate and concentrate aromas towards the nose while directing flow over the taste zones of the tongue with balance. Suited to a wide array of red wines, they are the perfect glass for the wine list by the glass or the casual home drinker.

Made in Weißwasser, Germany

Capacity: 45cl/16oz
Height: 202mm
Ø: 85.5mm

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