Radio Control Plane - ARF EP/GP Calmato Alpha 40 (Red)

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Kyosho 40 Class Trainer CALMATO Alpha 40 TRAINER EP/GP Toughlon (Red)

? Superior stability and direct control response provides an ideal introduction to R/C airplane flight.
? Convertible design allows choice of preferred power source, electric motor (EP) or gas engine (GP).
? Main wing halves are joined by aluminum pins and can be separated for easy transportation.
? Vertical stabilizer, servo bed, aileron and rudder are all pre-installed.
? Use of 4-cell 14.8V Li-Po battery enables powerful flight.
? Flexible pipe linkage rods for rudder and elevator are pre-installed.
? Equipped with pre-installed fuel tank.
? Includes spinner, linkage parts set and lightweight sponge tires.

Brand - Kyosho

Readyset Radio Control Models. Some models may require radio gear and / or batteries & chargers for operation.

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