Radio Control Car - GP Inf GT2 Dodge Demon

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Kyosho 1/8 GP RS 4WD INFERNO GT2 RACE SPEC 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Go Mango

Includes Syncro KT-331P transmitter that allows precision setting adjustments.

High-power output combination of KE25SP engine + polished muffler + manifold.

Long wheelbase contributes to excellent running stability and improved scale feel.

Features dual disc brake system that delivers high fade resistance.

Setting alignment can be adjusted with turnbuckle upper arms and tie rods.

150cc fuel tank delivers long run times.

Torque rod installed on front/rear as standard.

Features steel ring & pinion gear on front/rear diff.

Full ball bearing specifications include 18 on drive train and 2 on clutch bell.

8 x AA batteries for transmitter (4) and receiver (4)

Brand - Kyosho

Readyset Radio Control Models. Some models may require radio gear and / or batteries & chargers for operation.

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