Pressure Cooker Basket - Barazzoni My Pot 7L

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Founded in 1903, Barazzoni began with the production of household articles in brass, tin and copper - some of which are still proudly on display in the company's show-case. By the 1920s the company label was well established in the north of Italy, and Barazzoni moved on to the production of aluminium utensils, extending its market to the whole of Italy. However, it was after the Second World War that Barazzoni took a great leap forward. What had been until then a small company became in the 1950s a true industrial manufacturer of household articles, launching itself into the field of export. Products with this label are characterised by their functionality, high technology and avant-garde design. Barazzoni Progetti is a milestone - the fruit of Barazzoni's long years of experience, of research into materials, experimentation with technologies and the study of form.

Basket size - 18cmx12cm
Basket capacity - 7L

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