Panasonic HDMI Cable RP-CHE15E-K

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1.5m High Speed HMDI cable with Ethernet
- Transmission speed of 10.2 Gbps supports Full HD 3D (1080p), Deep Colour, 4k2k, Audio Return Channel (ARC).
- Ethernet capability - HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC) 100Mbps.
- Advanced noise reduction with steel shield case, copper foil and three-layer shielded cable.
- 1.5m cord with short plug allows easy connection to devicesHigh speed HDMI certified.

Panasonic 1.5m High Speed HDMI cable with Ethernet supports cutting-edge digital formats like Full HD 3D and 4k x 2k and has advanced protection against noise and interference.
The new CHE series is an ultra-advanced HDMI Ethernet cable.

It complies with new features incorporated into the last HDMI Specification Version 1.4, like HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC), Audio Return Channel (ARC), Full HD 3D and 4k x 2k resolution.
This single connection provides internet connection sharing with other HEC enabled devices such as Digital Video Recorders and gaming consoles. It is also downward-compatible with current
HDMI-enabled products.

For cutting-edge digital formats like Full HD 3D and 4k x 2k, even minor noise emissions from a cable can affect picture'sound quality via their highly integrated circuits. To correct this, the CHE series has a steel shield case, copper foil and three layer shielded cable that provide outstanding noise reduction.

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