Panasonic Fuzzy Logic Multi Cooker - 10 Cup

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Panasonic Fuzzy Logic Multi Cooker - 10 Cup SR-DF181

Advanced Fuzzy Logic Technology
Up to 10 Cups Uncooked Rice Capacity
One Touch Cooking
6 Pre-set Cooking Options
Keep Warm Feature

Panasonic Advanced Fuzzy Logic Technology
Panasonic's Advanced Fuzzy logic technology does the thinking for you by controlling the SR-DF181's cooking temperature according to the amount of food in the pan. Advanced Fuzzy Logic Control creates a variety of versatile cooking menus and makes cooking easier and more convenient than ever before.

Versatile Cooking Modes
Much more than just a simple rice cooker, the SR-DF181 has an impressive 6 pre-programmed cooking settings, all there at your fingertips: White Rice Mode, Steam Mode, Quick Cook (Rapid 15min Rice) Mode, Brown Rice Mode, Soup Mode and Porridge Mode.

Easy to use and even easier to keep clean
Built for comfort and with you in mind, the SR-DF181 features a new slanted design which means you don't have to bend down as much as much as you would with other conventional multi cookers.

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