OXO Good Grip Cooking String Dispenser

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Take the tangle out of twine with the OXO Good Grips Perfect Cut Cooking String Dispenser. The Perfect Cut Cooking String Dispenser keeps string at the ready for tying meat for roasting, wrapping packages, crafting and many other household projects.

It also eliminates the need for extra scissors, because it has a convenient, removable string cutter. The string cutter features a soft, non-slip grip and a sharp stainless steel blade for quick, easy cutting, directly on the String Dispenser itself, or separately to trim excess string. The non-slip feet keeps the dispenser steady while removing string.

• Keeps cooking string at the ready for
tying meat and
poultry for roasting, or for crafting,
gardening, tying
boxes and other household projects
• String cutter features soft, non-slip grip
and can be
removed to trim excess string
• Angled stainless steel blade in cutter is
recessed for
safe, easy cutting
• Dispenser keeps string neat, clean and
• Frosted cover lets you to see how
much string is left
• Non-slip feet keep Dispenser steady
while cutting
• String loading diagrams on underside

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