OXO Expandable Utensil Organiser

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Keep your utensils neatly stacked with the OXO Good Grips Expandable Utensil Organizer. The adjustable dividers organize more utensils in less space by allowing them to fit in opposite directions in one compartment. Your utensils stay neatly stacked, even when the drawer is opening or closing. Adjust the location of the dividers to accommodate utensils of different shapes and sizes, or remove the dividers completely for open compartments.
The expanded space holds longer tools and gadgets for added storage.
To adjust dividers, simply pinch the side walls and slide in or out.
The Organizer expands from 9 ¾” to 16 ¼” to fit inside kitchen drawers, and non-slip feet keep the Organizer in place.

These are h -39 w -24 d – 6.5

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