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When you need to measure multiple ingredients at once, the Salter Add & Weigh Jug Kitchen Scale is the perfect tool. Its ‘zero’ function enables you to accurately pour in wet ingredients after dry - or vice versa - and the jug’s spout makes it easy to pour the mixture out again. A modern and stylish design makes this food scale a great addition to your cookware collection. And when you’re finished with it, the jug inverts over the scale for neat and easy storage.

• Add and Weigh Jug Style Kitchen Scale
• 1.5 litre dishwasher safe bowl
• Measure multiple ingredients in the same bowl
• Max weight x resolutions: 2.2kg x 5g, 5lb x 1oz
• Product dimensions: 14 x 14 x 17 cm
• Product weight: 40g approx

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