Joseph Joseph Slice & Sharpen Chopping Board LARGE

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Quickly and easily sharpen your knives prior to cutting food with this innovative chopping board design.

It has a ceramic sharpener built into the surface that allows you to hone the quality of your blades just before you use them. A non-slip rubber edge ensures the board stays securely in place when sharpening.

The board itself has a knife-friendly cutting surface that will protect the integrity of your knives and actually prolong the time between honing.

Care & Use: To use, stand board upright on its side on a dry, flat surface. Grip top edge of the board and place knife inside slot and onto sharpener. Draw blade back towards you 3-4 times. Wipe away any filings from blade or board with a damp cloth before cutting food.

Caution: Do not rest board on a wet or uneven surface whilst sharpening and keep hands away from blade.

Large: 37 × 28 × 1cm

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