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When the sun’s shining and you have your friends over, there’s no better way to please with a couple of kebabs on the barbecue!

Emile Henry’s Grilling Stone will cook your kebabs evenly and more nutritiously than ever. By placing this stone on your barbecue hotplate, heat is diffused slowly so your meat won't burn and you’ll be giving your meat a wonderful crispy coating - for healthier, more natural cooking.

Made in France, this ceramic stone comes with eight kebab spaces and eight skewers for perfect spacing. The stone is also perfect for delicately grilling fish, vegetables and shellfish.

Kebabs on the barbie just became a whole lot better!

Made in France.
Made from ceramic.
Grilling stone perfect for grilling kebabs.
Includes eight kebab skewers.
Features two handles.
Features eight slots for your kebabs.
Can also be used for grilling delicate fish and meat.
Dishwasher safe.
Colour: Black
Dimensions: 42 x 25 x 3.5cm

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