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Looking for a shade sail but scared away by the cost? Consider our Butterfly Gazebo - looks and functions like a
shade sail but easy to install and without the expense. A solid structure that can be taken down when you leave.
It's perfect for any large outdoor area, looks stunning, and is shaped so that the rain runs off.
• Powder coated steel frame.
• Bungy cords to attach the cover to the frame for flexibility in the wind and easy take down if a storm's brewing.

Size: 4.0 x 4.0m
It slopes upwards, and is between 2m (lowest point) and 3m (highest point).
The height is not adjustable
Diameter of pole: 60mm
Fabric: Polyester
Colour: Natural
300g/m2 polyester with PU coating
Water repellent (not water proof)

The poles are to be bolted into the ground (wood or concrete). Bolts are included

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