Drylife Mattress Protector - Super King

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This price is for 1 x Super King Drylife Mattress Protector
Super King Size 183 x 203 x 35cm
Moisture in your mattress and pillow breed bacteria and dust mites, which cause bedroom odors and trigger allergies. Drylife bedding protectors are designed to keep mattresses and pillows fresh, clean and dry and in top condition for longer. Drylife protectors bond a pure cotton upper directly onto a light, breathable, fully waterproof backing. this creates a fabric that is soft and supple and wont wrinkle, rustle or leave you feeling hot and sweaty. Especially important for those with asthma or other allergies, drylife protectors provide essential everyday bedding hygiene for everyone, as well as protecting against unexpected spills. Colour: white
PLEASE NOTE: sides are not waterproof, we suggest for bed wetting situations to use Drylife Kids Tuck-in Bed Pad, ideal for toilet training or for bed-wetters of any age. Please see our other listings for this.

Asthma and allergy friendly.

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