DRAIN KING Pulse Cleaner 100-250mm

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DRAIN KING Pulse Cleaner 100-250mm
#6810 WATER PULSE CLEANER - 100-250mm

Patented DRAIN KING is often more effective than the large drain clearing machines in removing the most stubborn blockage. That's because it use the enormous power of hydraulics to dislodge the obstruction. It can actually clear blockages as far as 300 metres down line. IT USES NO CHEMICALS. Just connect the DRAIN KING to your garden hose. Insert the device into the drain making sure none of it remains outside the pipe. Turn on the tap. The rubber balloon of the DRAIN KING will expand to take up the internal diameter of the pipe. Powerful pulsations of water will follow and will act as a battering ram against the blockage till it dislodges. DRAIN KING is guaranteed to shift any blockage except root; rust or calcium build up.

For 100-250mm Pipes

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