Double Temple Organic Cotton Quilt / Duvet Cover Set Tobacco

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Sleep better knowing that the fabric used to make our Temple Organic bed linen is free from harmful bleaches and dyes. The fabric is also vintage-washed which is a pre-washing treatment that makes the sheets even softer to sleep on! The pillowcases and quilt cover edging features a simple border with a small twin needle stitch along the edge.Why choose organic cotton Organic cotton is grown in plantations where the use of toxic insecticides and chemical fertilisers are prohibited. Every precaution is taken to preserve the environment during the process, with stringent guidelines in place across the manufacturing process. This means that only environmentally friendly and bio-degradable practices can be used in all stages of production, resulting in the cotton being grown in chemical free soil with the aid of natural compost, and then being harvested by hand. The organic cotton used in our products also have GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) & Oeko Tex Certification. Whenever you buy organically grown cotton products, you are taking a significant individual action towards supporting sustainable agriculture - one that respects the environment and helps preserve our air, water and land.
Composition: Washed Organic Cotton
Size Information: Single:Quilt Cover: 140 x 210 cm ,, 1 x Pillowcase: 48 x 73 cm ,Double:Quilt Cover: 180 x 210 cm ,, 2 x Pillowcase: 48 x 73 cm ,Queen:Quilt Cover: 210 x 210 cm ,, 2 x Pillowcase: 48 x 73 cm ,King:Quilt Cover: 245 x 210 cm ,, 2 x Pillowcase: 48 x 73 cm ,Super mKing:Quilt Cover: 270 x 240 cm ,, 2 x Pillowcase: 48 x 73 cm ,

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