Cuisipro Finger Loop Pot Grabber

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Since 1985, Kitchen Grips Inc. has been manufacturing award-winning textiles. For over thirty years, their cutting-edge products and designs have been changing the way the world cooks, using innovative technology. Kitchen Grips Inc. offers a unique line of kitchen gloves and hand safety products made of FLXaPrene™.

This material is not only heat and stain-resistant, but is flexible and comfortable to use. Forward thinking has led Kitchen Grips® to continuously develop and improve their products and selection. From creating different sizes to designing extendable mitts, Kitchen Grips® will continue to produce the highest-quality products and advance in new directions.

Heat-Resistant - 500°F/260°C to -134°F/-92°C
Unique FLXaPrene™ Material - prevents stains that cause bacteria buildup on the finger loop pot grabber
Water-Repellent - protects hands from steam and liquid burns
Non-Slip Grip - raised nub surface is engineered to provide a better, safer, non-slip grip
Increased Insulation - raised nub surface creates more insulation between the hand and the heat source
Flexible - FLXaPrene™ material is soft and pliable, making it very comfortable to use
Stain-Resistant - Stains wash off unique FLXaPrene™ material with ease
Dishwasher safe - top shelf
Dimension : 8.75x6"/22x15cm

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