Bamboo Turner - BergHOFF Earthchef 30.5cm

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BergHoff's tagline of “quality design” is made true thanks to total control of all production stages supervised by internal specialists to ensure quality at every step. With an in-house design team, pre-production testing and post manufacturing testing you can always be assured that BergHOFF products will radiate quality. All this is achieved in their own testing centres to ensure everything lives up to their stringent benchmarks. Total control of design and manufacture allows them to swiftly respond to market trends and have a constantly shifting and exciting lineup.

BergHOFF Earthchef 30.5cm Bamboo Turner


- 30.5 cm x 6.3 cm x 1.3 cm
- Made out of bamboo
- Treated with vegetable oil
- Eco-friendly
- Designed to be easy to use
- Designed for easy storage

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