Azul Stadium - 3D Puzzle

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The Azul Stadium is located toward the south-west of Mexico City, about 8 kilometres from the city's historic centre.It was originally built for American football purposes, but soon after it had opened in 1947, Club America moved in and stayed at the ground until 1955. During its existence the Azul Stadium has hosted Necaxa for five years in the 1950s, and Atlante for several intermittent periods until 2002. From 1983 to 1996 the stadium was therefore called Estadio Azulgrana, after the club colours of Atlante. Over the years, several minor renovations have been made to The Azul Stadium, however no major changes.

Its 3D modelled version is made from paper and EPS foam board. It is easy to put together, without the use of any tools and glue.
No of Pieces:92 pc.
Model Size: 34cm x 5.5cm x 27.5cm.
Age: 8+ year

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