Avanti Cherry Pitter 7 Station

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Pitting cherries is a tedious business. Doing it one at a time is both dull and time consuming. This can be made a whole lot easier though, because Avanti has created this, their 7 Station Cherry Pitter. The unique design, as the name suggest, pits 7 cherries in one go. This comes down to the durable plastic construction, which has no sharp blades or dangerous parts to contend with. And because the cherry and pit are separated, you can easily dispose of them without all the mess. Sleek and compact in shape, the Avanti Cherry Pitter Station is a must have for cherry lovers.


Dimensions: 16 x 11cm (Dia. X H)
Unique design easily removes multiple pits at one time
7 stations allow for up to 7 cherries at a time
Sleek and compact shape reduces space and mess
Separates pits and fruit meaning no messy handling
Durable plastic construction has no sharp blades or dangerous parts
Simple to use – Insert the cherries, insert and pierce with the pitter press, remove cherries and dispose of pits
Beautiful presented in a gift box

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