Aquatic Testing - Seachem Reef Status - Calcium

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Reef Status™ Calcium
150 titration tests for calcium
Rapid & simple 3 step procedure
Sharpest color change endpoint
Precise results in 5 mg/L increments
Easy test validation with included reference

This kit is capable of at least 150 calcium determinations and is designed specifically for seawater. The test is based on titration of calcium with EDTA in the presence of a calcium specific indicator dye after the coprecipitation of magnesium and strontium. Natural sea water contains between 400 – 410 mg/L of calcium. A healthy reef environment should have between 380 – 420 mg/L of calcium. Levels above 420 mg/L are not beneficial. Levels below 380 mg/L should be corrected as soon as possible.

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